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My name is Patrick Hayes, I grew up in North Carolina and started fishing young. Picked up a fly rod in high school and never looked back. For me guiding is a pure joy. I love the pursuit of the fish in every aspect but also the pursuit of my client. I am always thinking, how can I spend a day with this person and introduce them to this sport I love, so that they walk away wanting to do this for the rest of their life? My goal is to make anglers out of my clients that will help them find joy and help us all protect the resources. I target Trout, Smallmouth Bass, and Carp in Southern Virginia and Central / Western North Carolina. We will have a good time on my boat guaranteed!

Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to bring for my trip?

            We will have all of the fishing gear needed for your trip. Things that you may consider bringing are: hat, sunglasses, rain jacket, clothing appropriate for the weather conditions, sunscreen and bug spray.  We will have beverages for all trips and for full day wade trips we will supply lunch.


What forms should I fill out in advance of the trip?

           You need to fill out a waiver the day before the trip.


What type of license do I need?

            Most of our wade trips are done locally and you will need an NC or VA fishing license with a trout permit.  You can purchase either a 10-day or an annual license. You may purchase an NC and VA fishing license online above. For carp trips, you will just need a NC license.

Should I tip my guide?

          Whatever you are feeling? I am blessed to get to take you. Like any service industry tips are greatly appreciated.  


Do we get to keep the fish?

            No.  We practice 100% catch and release. This helps ensure that we can continue to guide clients on these waters and help conserve and protect the fishery.

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