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January 2024 Fishing Report. Smith River.

The fishing report is... We are not getting to do a lot of it! Massive rains and floods have halted winter time fishing. But glad we have gotten the rain! We have needed it badly. Flows coming out of Philpott dam are holding at 1300 CFPS. That's well into the no wade zone. All of this has me summer time dreaming! I fall asleep at night and have flashbacks to late summer sight casting bugs to big smallies, or draggin' and droppin' carp nasties on some big tailing fish!

It will be here before you know it! In the mean time these cork poppers have been keeping me quite entertained.

A few things to be keeping on in mind in the coming months.

  • As there flows normalize fishing is going to get good If your wanting to get a late winter/ early spring trout trip I would book soon.

  • Prime smallmouth dates are starting to fill up, reach out to me if you want to get on the calendar for this summer.

CICADAS!!!!!! The 13 year cicada hatch is hitting our carp waters this year. It is always a toss up but..... if it happens it will likely be the best fishing you experience this decade (maybe). I was lucky enough to fish the tail end of a cicada hatch in 2019 and it's incredible. Watching 10 to 30 pound carp slurp your bug off the top is pretty remarkable. SOOO I am making a big push to book my clients Mid-May to Mid -June for Carp trips. If you are interested reach out and get on the calendar!

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